Honestly, I've never seen a bunch of people more stupid and as moronic as the so-called moderators on the Bethesda forums.  These clowns are the most ridiculous I've ever seen, and I've been to many a circus.

The decisions they make are often beyond comprehension by the sane, and they seem to have no idea about how to make effective and long lasting decisions.  It is like they have no thought to the future and exist to only perform the single function of closing a thread.  No discussion, no negotiation.  If you have a concern or comment, you are simply ignored.

Don't take my word for it, go there and see for yourself.  I'd love to get into the private moderator section because I am certain the posts would all be locked and consist of 'Duh... Uh... Duh..."


Check this out as an example of hypocrisy-

Some guy posted a thread entitled "Random Questions Thread" and his first question seemed quite reasonable.  In fact, most the questions were reasonable except one about masturbation.   Instantly, the thread was closed.  Why not delete the post and let the other questions continue?  Everyone loses because the thread is shut down because of one stupid question.  If it were deleted, then no harm is done and maybe some clever discussion would arise.  But no, as it stands now, that's all over and the funny part is, the question is still there for anyone to read.

The hypocrisy?  Well, check this out-  There's a series of threads called "Ask the Moderators"  At time of writing it's now up to 8 threads as they get closed after 11 pages.  This thread contains such brilliant questions such as "Why do you have a cheese grater next to your computer?"   This thread stays open why?

Simple. It panders to the ego of the moderators.  It seems spam topics are fine and encouraged it they get a good old ego stroke.